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We’re re-opening!


Starting June 18th, we will be open for private prayer on Thursdays

from 11 am till 1pm

Do come along and join us...


We will be in the Church to welcome you and to tell you about our virus precautions to keep you safe.


We are planning to open the Church for regular Sunday services

from July 5th at 11 am.




A Prayer in the Time of the Coronavirus:


Almighty and All–loving God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

we pray to you through Christ the Healer

for those who suffer from the Coronavirus

in this country and across the world.

We pray too for all who reach out to those

who mourn the loss

of each and every person who has died as a

result of contracting the disease.

Give wisdom to policymakers,

skill to healthcare professionals and researchers,

comfort to everyone in distress

and a sense of calm to us all in these days of

uncertainty and distress.

This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord

who showed compassion to the outcast,

acceptance to the rejected

and love to those to whom no love was shown.





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